Write correct UTF-8 directly to IFS from RPGLE

Tired of always needing an encapsulating CLLE around your RPGLE to do some administrative IFS-file-work like copying the file to convert from EBCDIC to UTF-8? And what about the byte-order-mark that is not added automatically when converting to unicode UTF-8, but which MS Excel requires (non-standard)?

Then you might want to take a look at this sample code...

Scan folders for the content of PDF files and send them to a printer using PowerShell

This is a solution I wrote when an existing tool was suspected of causing a memory leak in a Windows svchost process. This script scans a list of folders, and sends the found PDFs to a printer with the same name as the folder, unless mentioned otherwise in the .ini-file (see below).

How to do incremental snapshot backups with ZFS

ZFS has, due to it's time stamps in metadata blocks and the technique of copy-on-write the advantage of heaving a great snapshot implementation. There are several scripts available which provide you with backup options using snapshots (full, incremental, differential).

In this example asp01 is the main data pool, where asp01b will be a pool created on a backup disk (erasing anything else which was already on that disk).