U bent hier

Basic setup for a private git hub


Install blank Ubuntu server amd64, on top of that installed packages:

  • openssh-server
  • git

In the home folder, created empty git repo:

mkdir ~/in

cd ~/in

git init

Then do some initial configuration, in this case; since I use it as a bare report, the only thing required is:

git config --bool core.bare true

Now this repo is ready to be used by remotes...


On each client, go to your user base folder in which you want to have the repo of above available, then:

git clone user@host-name-or-ip-address:/path-to-repo-folder


git clone stephan@

The system will (the first time) ask confirmation, since I did not set up authenticity with keys for the SSH daemen... (answer with "yes"), then enter your server user password.

From this point on you can add files, stage changed files, commit files, and push to / pull from the server...

IT area: