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Sample ZFS tanks & mountpoints setup

This page will show how I added 6x1TB disks, in three different, mirrored tanks. Three separate tanks, because for usage in the file system I created three mount points in order to have each disk-pair serving one file system mount point. The reason for this is so I can use one of the three mount points as my personal-data pool (family/holiday pictures, family/holiday videos) so I can plug it out of the server and take it with me in a second in case I need to leave the premises and require a quick backup.

How to do incremental snapshot backups with ZFS

ZFS has, due to it's time stamps in metadata blocks and the technique of copy-on-write the advantage of heaving a great snapshot implementation. There are several scripts available which provide you with backup options using snapshots (full, incremental, differential).

In this example asp01 is the main data pool, where asp01b will be a pool created on a backup disk (erasing anything else which was already on that disk).