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Some tools which you can use to print PDF files in batch on CLI

In the search for a solution to have PDFs printed directly which have been placed in a folder by an external computer system, I have been looking at something easy to make sure every PDF which is placed in a specific list of folders are being sent to a specific list of printers.

Some of the tools I checked are listed here

A-PDF Batch Print

The version downloadable ($27,-) does it all.

You can download (installation file a-pdf-bp.exe) a free version for a limited time, allowing you to get a license afterwards.

  • Doesn't even work if there is no printer active, so test-runs on other computers are less easy. Also it needs windows to do configurations, so not really (only) CLI... so also not really batch
  • When running correctly, it seems to run via an interactive window. So the word 'batch'does not meet 'command line'

biopdf PDF Writer

The standard version ($29,-) has enough functionality to do what I want (just print, on one computer)

The download is an installation file like Setup_bioPDFSetup_10_8_0_2282_PRO_EXP.exe, testable before buying a license.

  • During installation, it informs to download three other programs, dependencies, without which it does not work.

Total PDF Printer

Rather cheap ($49,-)

You download a TotalPDFPrinter.exe which you can start testing also before you buy a license

  • After installation, when starting I got a run-error 217 (RPC service is not running). (?)
  • Seemed to be a result of a print spooler error. After gotting that solved, it seemd that also this tool was interactive windowing the server terminal window, so that means that the server needs to have a user signed in and have the program started on screen in order to run properly...

TerminalWorks CLPrint

This tool is more expensive (starting at $249,-). During testing it did come out quite stable.

As with the other tools, you can downlowd a trial version. After buying a license you can import a license file ("clprint /license")

  • It is truly CLI, which is good. You don't need windows-browsing to do setup or configuration
  • It has a lot of command line parameters
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